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I’m not here today to say something new. Instead, I’m here to reiterate a thought that must be reiterated because of its need for emphasis, something that really has merit.

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Seriously, I’m having a hard time finding new words to say, but I’ll settle for personal ideas that are just as precise as the ones already said. More to the point, I’m here today to cherish a site that worship’s a certain porn star known to be a legend in the adult industry. Her name is Tera Patrick and her site of pure exclusivity goes by the same name. So, just go ahead and read on.

What do you think about a woman with measurements that go 36DD of 24-34? Lovely, right? Well, you get that from this girl who’s been exhibiting her titsies and whatnot since the peak of the 90’s, the rise of the 21st century. Tera, she always wants to have sex, so instead of doing it for mere fun, she might as well take it as a career and run a business. And see where her dreams have taken her, an ultimately famous site monetized to please men. She gets to play pretend by exposing her body, masturbating and having real sex with different guys. It’s a win-win situation for all of us through this new and improved T. Patrick site!

As of today, there are 396 videos to watch through this tube-player sex videos channel. The video quality is reasonably good, even the older videos since they are remastered to high quality while the others, the newer ones, are in full HD. Tera Patrick is also generous enough to share the glory with her other co-porn stars such as Teri Weigel, Nikki Benz and a couple others more. There are scenes where they all go together for a master orgy, a bukkake and just all the other things women can be so crazy about.

Tera Patrick is updated on a monthly basis be it with newer models or new creations by Tera together with her most beloved colleagues. Apart from streaming, you can download as many of the videos as you want. Go satiate your thirst for porn and there’s no better way around that than through T. Patrick’s exclusive porn site. Enjoy!

Club Seventeen Discount

One of my weaknesses are innocent looking girls. I mean, for someone who’s such a big pervert, it makes me feel to guilty to fantasize on women who do not seem to have much exposure to the prurient realities of the world.

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But screw it, they’re always going that way anyway, it’s inevitable. That’s how procreation works and it’s just a matter of when they would finally lay down to submission. So today, I’m going to do a quick review of a site that would portray all the amateur girls that are down to fuck. It’s probably my favorite site these days because of how it brings all my fantasies to life. It’s called Club Seventeen, so read on.

Nothing can be more alluring than a girl with such a pleasurable body, one that has a fresh looking visage and a tight looking body. I know there are way too many sources on the internet to see these girls in action, but no one does that better than Club Seventeen, where all the 17-year old girls culminate the greatest rendition to amateur porn of all time. But in case you’re wondering about the legalities, the 17-year old theme is just a ploy, because all of the girls are at least 18 years old each. So yeah, don’t you ever worry about exploitation and whatnot because that’s not the case here. As a matter of fact, the girls simply approached the magazine studio for the job. It’s all voluntary which makes it more exciting.

The site just oozes with so much glory. It has over 3,940 videos as of today. You can stream as much as you want all day and all night. You can adjust the video quality so easily to match the rate of your internet speed. Then again, the site does something to render even the highest quality they can offer at a reasonably faster speed. Plus, you can download as many videos as you want. There are no limits other than the sky.

Every month, Club Seventeen releases 69 bonus scenes and on top of that, there is a fast growing database of photos with the 7,000 plus photo galleries the site now includes in the membership.

Erito Discount

It is necessary sometimes to do things differently so for this particular mega site Erito, we are going to do things differently. First we shall start with the sad news then gradually ramp up to the good things.

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Porn in Japan comes very restricted and thus most of their productions follow a similar pattern that we have come to notice. You will find that the pixilation of the genital and penetration is something many Japanese porn movies have. This is not different inside the galleries of this mega site. All the 600+ movies that they have are censored (genitals and penetration), but you do get to see all the other parts, butts and boobs!

To help you stomach this, Erito has some 2840+ DVD movies inside that act as bonus material. This bonus action is plentiful and the best thing about it is that it’s completely censor free. You can see everything! Another thing is that you will be completely capable of downloading the bonus material that they offer. You will not be able to download the actual movies in their main gallery. You will simply have to settle for streaming options. The mega site has HD movies galore inside and in fact it looks like all their action is in HD formats. You get 480p, 720p, 1080p, formats so pick the one that works for you.

The updating schedule that they use is 2 videos daily, 3 DVD bonus action daily! Very fast and consistent porn production. They have some 115 models inside. You will find gals ranging from teen age to milf age. There are busty babes, slim ones, natural boobs, and beautiful models who know how to fuck. Niches you get range from handjob, dp, facial, anal, office, masturbation, lesbian, hairy, public, reality, costume, fantasy, toys, squirting, and the list goes on! The bonus action just covers every angle and genre of porn that you may think of including ethic, shemales, BBW, and many more.

You will have browsing options. You can skip ahead when streaming to parts you like. There is info (not much) inside the models page about the gals. You will have access to the mega site from mobile devices. You can rate, read comments, add favorites. Sorting material according to date/ most watched/ most liked/ models, etc, is a feature that you can use inside this network. The material is linked, with categories offered, and related scenes are easy to find. Anything else that we left out can easily be found inside since they have one heck of a professional layout and navigation that is user friendly.

Erito does not offer you any picture galleries as far as we can see and they do have some restrictions. These are issues you will be able to completely forget once you look at all the things they do right and offer you. This is by far not a network that you can simply pass up and not check out! Asian porn is ridiculously hot and you need to see what these guys have for sure!

KarupsPC Discount

People who have seen what KarupsPC has to offer have always been fascinated with this personal collection. The strength of the site is growing as time passes.

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The biggest asset that the definitely seem to strengthen all the time is the collection of variety that they offer. You get to taste a sample of various porn cuisines when you become a member to this site. That is because their archives of material that they keep refreshing is constantly becoming bigger. The amateur material that they have exhibits a level of quality that is above normal standards. You are getting a lot with one membership pass and we are here to discuss all this with you so let’s begin!

Originality of KarupPC’s collection is something that drew us closer and made us appreciate this site even more. Many of the so called amateur sites nowadays don’t seem to follow the true spirit of amateur porn but these guys definitely do. The reason that the collection is so authentic is the models and gals that they have inside. You will see a cocktail of ladies inside that represent a true mix that is refreshing to see. They take the glamour like models and the typical gal next door type and set them all in front of you. The variety then extends to ethic gals, exotics, milfs, and so on.
The kind of scenes they do engage in is “hardcore-themed” most certainly. It may not be the most explicit, hard knuckled hardcore porn in the market, but you cannot say that they are softcore either because they aren’t. You will see anal holes being abused heavily, lesbians, constant hardcore sex, toy action, and naughty behaviors that will make you open your mouth, open your zip, and let go of some heavy round of jizz!

Their material now numbers around 13900+ picture galleries and more than 5039 videos inside. That is a nice solid accumulation of material! The old material that they have done, at times, fails the quality test since its mostly mid quality. They are trying to up their quality by offering 720p HD mp4 files nowadays and we hope they move even further and offer even better HD quality. There is not a lot of information when it comes to the scenes or the models. There is wiggle room for making the site more user-friendly but they don’t have a lot of shortcomings that would make us hesitant to recommend them to anyone.

KarupsPC collects material for its many members and offers a great service. You will feel comfortable inside this site and will find you used your money quite wisely. Everything is reasonable and beautiful inside this site. You should check them out!

Peter North Promo Code

You know what they say, “new is always better.” To be precise, it’s the Barney Stinson who owns that line – respect.

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He is the ultimate stud and for a lot of men out there, they would think him to be just a product of one’s imagination, a mere legend, an unprecedented and unpronounceable existence. That is almost true, it’s just that it isn’t. There are few men in the real world who can pull off that Stinson prowess. One of them would be a guy who goes by the name Peter North, who has created a porn site based on his day-to-day “adventures.”

peter-north-discountPeter N’s place is going to be the ride of your virtual life. Here, he gets to exhibit all of his explorations, travels and pretty much his daily life. What’s interesting about it? He’s a Barney Stinson in real life. He doesn’t necessarily suit up, but he’s definitely got the juice to turn on every girl in a snap, making them wrapped all over his fingers, literally and figuratively. As a subtext to this, this should also tell us that so long as a man is careful, no matter how much ladies he will lay down with, he won’t get STD’s, period. Furthermore, all the greatest, most spontaneous porn videos, candid as can be, are found here.

While Peter loves to share his life with all of his fans, he takes the time to watch other videos, too, and share them to the mass via his exclusive porn site. Basically, he’s someone with great taste and a man who knows a lot of different perspectives, knowing for a fact that he has banged more women than you could count. He’s a master and as such, he knows what good porn is. Regardless, there are over 3,000 plus videos that can be explored through in the site. Over 500 points out to all of his personal videos, so just imagine how much stamina, strength, and Casanova confidence he had used just to make himself the stud he is today. All of the videos are of high quality while the new ones are playable in HD. There’s not much to look at the photo galleries, but who needs them when you got tons of tempting videos?

The quality is good, even excellent where it counts. All the videos by him are definitely authentic, giving you a real feel of actual sexing. With all these and more to come, Peter North is a porn site you can’t dare miss.

Amateur Allure Discount

Have you ever heard about a place where girls come just come to have their daily dose of cum to swallow?

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If such does exist, don’t you think it would be crowded to conspicuousness already? I guess keeping secrets is actually a public thing now. But, let’s be real, it does exist and all you have to do is widen your scope and try to analyze the situation. Yes, you’re right, it’s a porn site, and perhaps the ultimate one. As a matter of fact, we’re reviewing it now and it’s called Amateur Allure.

amateur-allureI’ve done my research and I can’t really tell when exactly this site was put up. For all I know, it’s been around long enough that my discovery of it was already a late one. Anyways, in AmAllure, you are to expect so much from its insides and deep ends. You will realize how angels are true to life and how they are not as angelic as you thought them to be. They are actually better, wilder and more pleasurable than a man could ever imagine. And they will come finding you for their dose of craving called “the cum.”

There are plenty of fishes in the sea, but in Amateur Allure, you will come to realize that such a metaphor is frivolous and derogatory and too infantile for a real man’s taste. Here, you will come to realize that a fish is a fish and a woman is a woman. The point being: No metaphors are to be applied to a woman other than her being an angel. No arguments are valid. Here, you will come to enjoy the 300 beautiful faces the creators have cherry picked in full stringency just so the subscribing men will get all that they want for their money. There are literally thousands of videos to watch on different perspectives and genres, such as POV’s, blow jobs, cum shots, and so much more. The best part, you can freely download the contents as long as you are a member of the site.

If you want to get your money’s worth for porn, you’re definitely making a right choice with Amateur Allure. All the ladies are looking young, fresh and hot, and they are all up to glorifying your prurient desire. Just as I was, you are now a step closer to a virtual paradise. Enjoy!

Blacks on Blondes

Blacks On Blondes can proudly call themselves niche originators when it comes to interracial hardcore sex. Why? They were among the first that ever did it, and they did it in incredible style and intensity.

Blacks on Blondes Discount

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They have been laying white chicks on their backs and plugging them full of thick black dicks for as long as we can remember. Some will even go as far as calling them retro, but we wouldn’t say that they have reached that mark yet! Let’s look at the site and some of the action that they make.

blacks-on-blondes-dealThe one thing that they always managed to do is to make their action look as nasty and hardcore-real as possible. We are always drawn into the black-white interracial scenes. They have had one type of site design for some time now and they don’t look like they are changing anything soon. The theme? Come on, it’s black on white sexual hardcore! Maybe it’s very intriguing because of the gone sensibilities people once had about blacks and white fucking! Maybe it’s the way the black pythons rip through the brave tight white pussies and leave everything a satisfied sticky mess! Maybe we just love everything to do with interracial from gangbangs, DP, one on one, and just black men sexing white ladies! Who knows!

As with many other matured porn sites on the internet, this one has full galleries that you can take advantage of. They have over 600 videos and more than 600 pic sets with 200 pics per set. They are definitely pioneers, and old, but they are trying to stay in touch with current production trends that dictate all porn must now be in HD formats. That is why they have 720p HD videos for streaming as well as downloading. Yes, they need the 1080p to really compete, but hey, we give them some marks for the effort man! The gals come in different body sizes, ages, and the dudes come with different lengths of long black hungry looking dicks! You will be able to see this when you check out the pic galleries, that have some high res images, by downloading using the zip file provided.

Do they update? They definitely seem to with an update coming every 5 days or less. Not the fastest, but the huge galleries will keep you preoccupied. You have DogFart Network (20 sites) included in your membership. This will give you more niches, stars, and porn. It’s a great deal for those looking for real value for their money.

Blacks On Blondes hardcore interracial material is marvelous. Some of the best interracial action that has ever been produced! You will have a lot of porn, bonus network, and other good things to look forward to. This site is worth looking into!

Wow Girls

WOW Girls takes sexual fornication, innocent looking faces, young legal teens, and shakes all these thing up into a cocktail brew that will have you yearning to release some pent up passionate fluids! Sounds nice don’t it?

Wow Girls Discount

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Well you will have hardcore, lesbo and softcore action inside to keep you company. The nice smiles, the nice bodies, the young legal nature of the model are all things you can look forward to inside this site. The updates that they post seem to happen every day, so we were curious, how much more material and features can get once you become a full time member? Lets us explore!

wow-girlsEverything that they promise inside the tour page they definitely deliver when it comes to the members area, and then they deliver some more. The nice qualities of the site never seem to stop from the moment you enter the member’s area. All the gals inside fall in between the age bracket of 18 to 21. The presentation that the site uses doesn’t look like it going to trouble you in any way because you are getting a lot of tools to help you navigate this site. You are also being furnished with piles of material. Inside the galleries, they have 221 scenes and more than 380 picture galleries with 60 pics in a set. They manage to come with new material a couple of times every week so their catalog is going to grow exponentially.

The freshness and the beauty of the gals is what really draws you in, and the intrigue is kept at high levels thanks to the production value that the material clearly displays. The gals have different body types including large boobs, perfect asses, they do things like dildo action, creamy fingering, sensual kissing, and the lesbian action featuring 2 young teens is much wilder that you could ever imagine. The key to making good porn is to make sure that the details are just perfect regardless of how small they are. This site works hard to get every detail perfect.

There is the issue of quality that they tackle rather nicely. The videos that they offer come in formats for downloading and streaming the material. The full scenes are particularly our favorites because they give us time to truly enjoy the action that the site provides. You will see large thumbs that make the images look very life like, and colorful. They have high res images 2000 pixel, and the options you get for the image gallery includes zip archives so that you can download the material. They offer a model index, and even live chat functions. They have some 50 models with more surely to come as they keep growing and keep updating.

WOW Girls is not confusing in any manner or form because they are clear with their intentions from the tour page right into their galleries. They do teen porn action that is high quality and very arousing for anyone who appreciates young teen pornography. They are a site worth investing in. You should check them out!


There are a lot of porn sites who promise to provide exclusive content on their ads to attract you but after signing up and checking out some videos you are left disappointed.

DogFart Discount

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Among various porn categories Interracial is a popular one and if you like this kind of porn then you must be familiar with Dogfart Network because it is one of the top interracial networks online. Well, this mega-site provides exclusive content as they promise in their ad pages.


This network contains all 22 sites they own and after signing in you will get them all on the homepage of the main network. Each site has different themes to suit all tastes. You will get a lot of sexy girls, big black dicks, close up shots, some good cum shots and interesting interracial scenes, so I can assure that you will definitely find something you like. As a member of this site for 3 months I must say that it is worth each penny they charge.

The website itself is designed very well and it’s relatively very easy to navigate. The main site is updated once a week, while the bonus sites are updated once in a few months. The girls are usually top notch and you will get both fresh face and gorgeous porn stars. Generally, you will get a lot of huge black cocks. They are so huge that often they don’t fit easily in the girls’ mouths. So you can enjoy the contrast between big and small and black and white.

The DogFart network is great for those who loves hardcore in general or interracial hardcore. Under its belt, they have almost 15 years worth of updates. You will get over 3,370 videos here which is sufficient to keep even the most excited member amused indefinitely! Not all of them are available in HD but other formats also offer fine quality. You can stream or download them. The only thing is if you like girl on girl interaction then I would say that this is definitely not your site, because you will get very little of that here. But if you like interracial porn then this network has great value for money.

This site also has 2,934 high-Res photos which can be downloaded in zip files which is a big plus for photo freaks specially. You will get frequent updates but the problem is that you just can’t get enough no matter how often they add contents.

Evil Angel

There are so many porn sites that contain tons of contents but only a few ranks high on the list. It’s because some non sense websites add a lot of contents which people don’t like and there are others who add a good amount of contents featuring some chosen hotties that porn lovers do like very much so it ranks high in the list.

Evil Angel Promo Code

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Evil Angel is one of the last kinds and this site is getting closer to be the top site of its category. It is a good combination of lots of exclusive contents with known stars, HD videos, high resolution pictures and a variety of categories.


Over the years, Evil Angel has released a load of porn under many directors. It means they have a pretty rich and exclusive collection when it comes to porn. Subscription expenses are good worth if compared to the size of the site. They’ve got a lot of anal, ass-toying, ass licking and ass worshiping with creampies. If you aren’t interested in ass then you have other contents featuring all the popular porn categories which include a few really great BJ and TRANNY contents too.

You will find famous porn stars all over the site, but contents here are different than others. Amount of videos and their quality is just epic. Both pictures and videos have their own sections. You will get more than 4,992 high-res picture sets downloadable in zip files. There are 9,469 movies in this website and all of them come in full HD. Average video length is 25 minutes and you can stream or download them as much as you want. I have never gone back to a porn site twice, but this one made me do it and I am here for more than 6 month.

The site contains a lot of the works of both male and female gonzo porn stars. Some of the leading male performers are John Stagliano, Rocco Sifredi, Jonni Darkko, Nacho Vidal, Joey Silvera etc. They include some of the most beautiful female porn stars of the day such as Chanel Preston, Sasha, London Keys etc doing anal or DP that you can rarely see somewhere else. So you will get a lot of porn stars here but don’t be disappointed as there are a lot of newcomers too to suit all tastes. The site is updated frequently so you won’t feel bored at all.